So you have a bit of Polynesian Pulp, do you? Want to help us explore the world of Tiki Wiki Fiki?


Just take a few minutes to read through the following (necessary) bits of legal wording so you understand the House Rules and conditions for playing:

1) By submitting content to Ground Zero Productions, Inc., you agree to grant Ground Zero Productions, Inc. exclusive commercial rights to your content, which may include but is not limited to publishing, selling, and licensing your content.

2) If Ground Zero Productions, Inc. receives revenue as a result of specific content you submit (e.g., Ground Zero Productions, Inc. sells your novella or licenses your art work), revenue will be shared with you on a fair and reasonable manner as determined by Ground Zero Productions, Inc. in its sole discretion.

3) Revenue will be shared at the Work level, not the Idea level. A Work is defined as a complete artistic expression, typically items covered by copyright law (writings, drawings, photographs, films, video games, musical compositions, sound/audio recordings, etc.). Ideas are items contained in your work that are not protected by copyright (e.g., characters, places, items, etc.).

Whew. Sorry about that, but thanks for reading it all.

Provided you are cool with these conditions and agree to them, click the image below to add your voice to the Tiki Wiki Fiki world!



(coconut image by Visual Pharm)


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