In order to speed things along, we had to lay down some guidelines. Not too many – just enough to keep the narrative wheels out of the collaborative ditches, as it were.

Ready? Here we go…



  • 2 parts Pulp
  • 1 part Action
  • 1 part Tropical
  • 1 dash of comedy
  • 1 dash of spice
  • World War II to 50’s timeframe
  • All things tiki

Combine ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled. Serve in half of a coconut shell. Enjoy!”

We want to create a sustaining narrative for the existing Tiki Culture. You know what a tiki bar looks like, right? You’ve heard all the stories, you know the names of at least a few drinks, you have a sense of what it’s all about.

Now, just spin all of that into a story and set it in the Tiki Wiki Fiki world. The great thing is that you already have a ton of great stuff to work with: guns and gold, blood and bones, bamboo huts, palm trees, Polynesian islands, exotic locales, and yes, even Nazis!


Consider the following as a “how to make sure your submission gets posted” kind of guide.

1)    Use or mention at least three of the core world characters.  The main character of your story must exist somewhere else in the mythology. You may introduce minor characters.
2)    Reference at least one other TikiWikiFiki story in your story so that we can link it (yes, it can be another of your stories, but that’s really not the point, now is it?)
3)    Mention the name of a tropical drink somewhere in your story (extra points if you work it into the title of your story!)
4)    Mention one location in another TikiWikiFiki story (see comment on point #2 above).


Just remember: this is Polynesian fiction with pulp. Pure pulp. At the end of the day, approach it with a serious tone. Sure, give the reader a comedic wink now and then, but avoid ‘campy’ approaches at all costs.

And while we have a compact bible on this site to work from, you’re encouraged to add your own characters (war heroes, villains, mad scientists, etc.), lost treasure, secret bases, haunted caves, shipwrecked submarines, high seas pirates, etc.


We’re somewhere between Polynesian music, Pulp Adventure soundtracks, Surf Music, Noir Music. Throw them into an Osterizer.


None whatsoever. No politics. No real religion. PG-13.


The bigger and better visual images, the better.


Understand that we don’t want to bog down the collaboration in Tiki Wiki Fiki any more than is necessary from a legal perspective. But in order to prevent individuals from locking off certain world content and to make sure the world remains available for use in collaborative creations, we have to set up some basic ground rules.

Please note that Ground Zero Productions, Inc. owns all underlying rights to content in the Tiki Wiki Fiki world. By submitting any content to Ground Zero Productions, Inc., you are granting Ground Zero Productions, Inc. exclusive commercial rights to your content, including but not limited to publishing, selling, or licensing.

Additionally, if any revenue is made by Ground Zero Productions, Inc., it will be shared at a work level (i.e., not based on ideas introduced in works) in a fair and reasonable manner determined by Ground Zero Productions, Inc. in its sole discretion.

Please see the Submissions page for more details.


Ping St. Flint Dille or Scott “Dirty Monkey” Walker ( tikiwikifiki [at] ) when you want to do something. Tell us what you want to do. It can be a one-sentence synopsis or an outline. Just be sure to tell us which existing characters you want to use (we don’t want you to step on someone else’s storyline).

And please understand that there will be an editing process for submissions. Nothing personal.

Bottom line, we’re doing this because it sounds fun, and we think the more people involved, the more fun we’ll all have. We see TikiWikiFiki as – pardon the pun – a tropical sandbox.

Who knows where this will all go? Not sure, but it should be a helluva ride!

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