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Theories, Conspiracies, and Mysteries

1 Aug

The world of Tiki Wiki Fiki is filled with heroes and heroines, villains and minions, and lots and lots of action. But not everything is as straight-forward as it first appears, and more than a few experiences defy both logic and science. As Jim Geraghty notes below, sometimes, even in a world as modern as ours, remnants of an older era still cling to beliefs as old as the mountains.

Consider the following spicy ingredients as you begin to concoct your next tiki narrative.

“The way I see it, the South Seas of this time period are heaven and hell to those of us in the modern age, working on computers in air-conditioned offices and driving through traffic to get to office buildings.

The heroes of this time fight for what’s right, win fistfights (and gunfights and swordfights) with thugs, make daring escapes, spend every day around exotic, beautiful locations people spend small fortunes just to visit, drink like fishes with a seemingly eternal variety of bizarrely-named drinks, and sleep, flirt, banter and bicker with a seemingly-endless supply of sexy women, femme fatales, and bashful native girls lost treasure, ghosts real and imagined, monsters and anomalies of all descriptions. No cell phones, no mortgages, no Roth IRAs – all you need are quick wits, strong fists, and maybe a revolver or machete or other signature weapon.

That’s the heaven part.

The hell is that by many standards, the Far East is the Wild West; whatever “good” authorities there are to appeal to are far away and for most of the Pacific Rim, the schoolyard bully now wears a uniform and has absolute authority. I imagine our heroes are rarely more than a few steps away from being outlaws to the Japanese, and outside of their reach is an ever-changing menacing rogues’ gallery: Nazi spies, their Soviet counterparts, pirates, garden-variety criminal gangs and thugs, natives who still practice human sacrifice, blood magic, cannibalism, etc.

And that’s just the two-legged predators. The jungles and coves and are filled with crocodiles, snakes, rats, poisonous toads, hammerhead sharks, jellyfish, octopi, giant spiders, scorpions, riptides, and monkeys, feces-flinging and worse.

One element I’d like to introduce is the idea that the supernatural exists in the world of Tiki Wiki Fiki, as well as legends and mysterious occurrences. I’ve been digging around in the mythology of the cultures around here, and found a slew of ideas:

  • Abassy: evil supernatural beings Yakut people of Siberia (live in the underworld, described as having one One eye, iron teeth)
  • Basuki: giant serpent Balinese mythology
  • Kappa: race of monkey demons that live in ponds and rivers (have shells like tortoises)
  • Kunlun: Xi Wang Mu peaches of immortality
  • Ling zhi: plant of immortality (grass or mushroom)
  • Nagas: supernatural beings who take the form of serpents
  • Oni: giant horned demons (Buddhists expel them)
  • Polong: Malayan and Indonesian tradition about a flying demon made from the blood of a murdered man (can be ordered to attack enemies and feeds on blood of owner); victims tear their clothes, go blind”

As communicated by Jim Geraghty

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